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Kora Wuthier 
Keltische Harfe 
Celtic Harp 
harpe celtique 

Erika Brunner 
wooden transverse flute 
flûte traversière en bois 

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There are some sound samples which are in realaudio format so you will need the RealAudio player to hear them.


Southwind (trad. Irland) - Eleanor Plunkett (O'Carolan) - O'Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady (O'Carolan) arrang K Wuthier



Taladh Chriosta (trad Hebriden) arrang K Wuthier -
A Fairy's Love Song (trad Hebriden) arrange P Kennedy



Skye Dance (trad Hebriden) arrang K Wuthier/E Brunner



Roving Galway Boy (trad Irland) arrang K Wuthier/E Brunner



Old Grey Cat (trad Schottland) arrang K Wuthier -
Dark Island (trad Hebriden) arrang K Wuthier



Ar Falc'hon (trad Bretagne) arrang K Wuthier



Doue Lan a Vadeleh (trad Bretagne) arrang K Wuthier/E Brunner



Buvons un coup (trad Bretagne ) arrang S Noblet



S'Guggisberger Lied (trad Schweiz) arrang K Wuthier



Chanter (trad Irland) arrang J Harbison



Lord Gallaway's Lamentation - O'Carolan's Farewell to Music - O'Carolan's Draught - Squire Wood's Lamentation (O'Carolan) arrang K Wuthier



Tule koju, armuke (trad Estland) - Apsegloju melnu kvili (trad Lettland) - Kas berné lu pamislyta? (trad Litauen) arrang K Wuthier



Der Aplfelbaum (Oscar Albin)



Kora Wuthier

Kora Wuthier was born in Kreuzlingen (Switzerland), where she received an education at the teacher training college. It was at a concert of the Irish group 'Clannad' that she encountered the Celtic Harp for the first time. Although being very enthusiastic about this instrument she first went in for studies in rhythmic at the Academy of Music in Vienna. Her unbroken enthusiasm for the Celic harp soon led her to the home countries of this instrument: Brittany, Scotland and Ireland.

She became a student of the Breton harpist Dominig Bouchaud, who teaches at Quimper Music Academy. Kora Wuthier regularly attends courses by harpists from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the USA and is a member of the Scottish Clarsach Society. She is teaching the Celtic harp at the Schools of Music in Rorschach, Kreuzlingen and Goldach in Eastern Switzerland and had introduced this instrument to the general public through numerous activities such as concerts, workshops, courses, lectures and newspaper articles.

Erika Brunner

Erika Brunner was born in Kreuzlingen (Switzerland). She studied the flute with H Keller at the Winterthur Conservatory, where she received her diploma. She is especially interested in the wooden transverse flute and its music. Additional areas of her musical experience include various courses in the construction and playing of instruments (Renaissance flutes, didgeridoo, and shakuhachi). During a trip to Brittany, she became enthusiastic about Celtic music.

She teaches flute and chamber music at the music school of Kreuzlingen, and regularly gives concerts with Kora Wuthier, celtic harp.


Many thank to Daniel Dütsch, engineer, to Oscar Albin, who dedicted his composition 'Der Apfelbaum' (The Appletree) to us, to Gay and Mike Anderson, Ballachulish, Scotland, who made my harp and to Mrs Waltenspül and the community of Ermatingen, who gave us the opportunity to make recordings in the Luisenberg Chapel. Many thanks also to Dagobert Wuthier and Dominig Bouchard for the correction of the English and French text.

Recorded in:

Luisenberg Chapel in Ermatingen, Switzerland, on January 27th and 28th 1997.


Erika Brunner


Andrea Gmünder


S Tubazio


Kora Wuthier


Daniel Dütsch


J Widmer, Tonstudio Gallus, St Gallen

Harp Festival - Celtic Days on Lake Constance, Rorschach, Switzerland
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