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Kora Wuthier
Celtic Harp


The Celtic harp is for me, like a language, a possibility to express myself and to communicate with other people. It is very important for me to share my enthusiasm with many other people.


Kora Wuthier was born in Kreuzlingen (Switzerland), where she received an education at the teacher training college. It was at a concert of the Irish group "Clannad" that she encountered the Celtic Harp for the first time. Although being very enthusiastic about this instrument she first went in for studies in rhythmics at the Academy of Music in Vienna. Her unbroken enthusiasm for the Celtic harp soon led her to the home countries of this instrument: Brittany, Scotland and Ireland.

She became a student of the Breton harpist Dominig Bouchaud, who teaches at the Quimper Music Academy. Kora Wuthier regularly attends courses by harpists from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the USA, and is a member of the Scottish Clarsach Society. She is teaching the Celtic harp at the Schools of Music in Rorschach, Kreuzlingen and Goldach in Eastern Switzerland and had introduced this instrument to the general public through numerous activities such as concerts, workshops, courses, lectures and newspaper articles. She has published Swiss music for Celtic harp (PAN-Edition) and is also teaching rhythmics where she is using the Celtic harp as a therapeutical instrument.

The Celtic Harp

The Celtic harp is not just "a small harp". It is an instrument in its own right and the size, gauge, tension and spacing of the strings are different from the other types of harps. This asks for a playing technique of its own and a special repertoire. The Celtic harp is a very ancient instrument, and its fate in the course of time remains one of the secrets of history.

For the Celtic peoples the harp was a very important instrument. The Celtic bards were highly respected and they were the storytellers, the custodians and it was them who passed the legends and mysticisms on. There have been times when they were persecuted for political and religious reasons.

Today there is a huge renaissance of the Celtic harp not only in the Celtic countries of Brittany, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. The repertoire of the Celtic harp includes medieval, Renaissance and baroque music and there is also a wide range of comtemporary music for this instrument. The most important part of the music for Celtic harp still remains the traditional music of various peoples, above all of the Celtic countries.


  • Traditional music of the Celtic countries, Switzerland and other peoples.
  • Early music
  • Contemporary music
  • Own compositions.
  • Storyteller.
  • Solo and with various ensembles


Harp Festival - Celtic Days on Lake Constance, Rorschach, Switzerland
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Kora Wuthier
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Kora's CD Türkis - Turquoise
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