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at the
Celtic Days on Lake Constance

13 - 16 May 2005

Rorschach, Switzerland

3 Levels of course are offered:

  • A Advanced Course
  • B Beginners/Lower Intermediate Course
  • I Introductory Course

Scottish Music for the Celtic Harp (B/A)
Catriona McKay

Participants in this course are introduced to a selected repertoire of traditional Scottish music. They learn special rhythms, ornaments and typical melodies.

Irish Music for the Celtic Harp (B/A)
Cormac de Barra

In this course participants learn typical Irish dances and tunes and their historical background, as well as special tonalities and ornaments of Irish music.

Breton Music and Songs for the Celtic Harp (B/A)
Anne Auffret

In this course, participants acquire knowledge of various Breton music styles and their history. They also learn how to make simple arrangements and how to accompany songs.

Celtic Harp Introductory Course (I)
Rolf Kleemann

Is the Celtic harp an instrument for you? You will have the opportunity to become acquainted with the Celtic harp and try it out. Instruments made by manufacturers exhibiting their products will be placed at your disposal.

Celtic Music Ensemble
Tom Keller

This course focuses on ensemble playing of a variety of instruments. You are welcome to the group whether you play the harp, fiddle, flute, guitar, mandolin, accordion or percussion. We will all work together on a few traditional tunes, especially Irish ones, and if we choose, a song. The level of individual participants will be taken into consideration. The course is not suitable for beginners. The goal is not to strictly execute set arrangements, but rather discovery and trial of the possibilities that are opened up including improvisation, wit and suggestions of the participants.

Irish Dances
Jennifer MacGowan

Participants in this course learn set dancing, a typical style of Irish dancing. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Tom Keller

On the one hand, we learn the playing techniques of this fascinationg and versatile drum and on the other hand, we concentrate on the rhythms of Irish music (jig, reel, hornpipe, slip-jig etc). Experienced musicians will also find the coruse a very useful experience because they will gain a deeper understanding of Celtic music through rhythm. There are no prerequisites; we will work without notes, using listening, feeling and humour instead. professional bodhrans are available to participants and if so desired, can be purchased.

Patrick Stocker

In this course, participants learn typical Irish and Scottish dances and tunes as well as special tonalities and ornaments of this music.

Course Information

The courses are open to participants of all ages. Basic knowledge of the instruments is desirable but not necessary in the introductory courses and the bodhran courses. All participants bring their own harps with the exception of those taking part in the introductory courses. In most courses, above all in the harp courses, instruction is given by listening and playing as is the practice in the age-old Celtic tradition. However, notes are distributed at the end of the sessions to the participants to make it possible for them to practice on their own.

Courses begin on Friday at 3.00pm in the Columban Center (Kolumbans-Zentrum) in Rorschach and end on Monday at 12.30pm. It is possible to attent two different courses. Please consult the course schedules to avoid conflicts.

Fees for one or two courses - not including accommodations - are

  • Adults CHF 350
  • Children and Students (up to 26 years) with ID CHF 250


Insurance must be provided by the participants themselves.


Accommodation in various price ranges can be found by contacting the tourist office:

Tourist Information Office Hauptstrasse 63
CH-9400 Rorschach

Tel: + 41 (0) 71 841 7034
Fax: + 41 (0) 71 841 7036
E-mail: info@tourist-rorschach.ch


The number of place is limited, so please register as soon as possible by filling in the registration form.


Harp Festival - Celtic Days on Lake Constance, Rorschach, Switzerland
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